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In off the Post online, PO Box 442, NOTTINGHAM. NG1 1PE. ENGLAND.

All payments should be in British pounds (GBP) sterling with a minimum payment of 8 GBP, we do not accept any other currency. Cheques or postal orders should be made payable to In off the Post. The payment will be credited to your user account when received and you will also receive an e-mail confirmation to the address specified on this form. Remember to allow the necessary number of postage days for the payment to reach us. We cannot be held responsible for any form of payment which is lost in the postal system. Payment is sent at the owner's risk.

When the payment is credited to your user account you are then free to use the credit (in part or whole) as payment for a club in an online game. Either by becoming the new manager of an unmanaged club or by increasing the credit at a club that you already manage (and thus remain as manager, otherwise your management of the club would finish when your credit ran out). Any unused credit will remain in your user account until it is used up as refunds are not available at any time. It is also not possible to transfer any credit to another account. All clubs are subject to availability, with the availability of clubs changing on a regular basis. The more popular the club the less likelihood of it being available, and the greater the demand for it when it is available.
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