In off the Post's soccer management games all use the same state-of-the-art software engine which incorporates many unique features, including:
  • a player database containing over 42,000 regularly updated real-life players
  • over twenty real-life player positions (not just Gk, Def, Mid or Att!).
  • a realistic kick-by-kick match simulation, including penalties, offsides, own goals, substitutions and injury-time.
  • individual player positioning for each of your starting eleven.
  • highly detailed match reports including match commentary and statistics.
  • full details of the results of all competitive game played each turn, including line-ups, scorers, bookings and man of the match.
  • around twenty pages of results, tables, statistics and reports every turn.
  • international managerial positions and competitions.
  • a quick and reliable first class nine/ten day turnaround.

    In off the Post currently run two different soccer managment games available to both PBM and PBeM managers. We also run a number of online only setups through our In off the Post online website.

  • English Footie
  • the ninety-two real-life English league clubs, from the Premier League to Division Three.
  • FA Cup, League Cup, League Trophy and the two European competitions.
  • promotion/relegation and play-offs as in real-life.
  • forty-two turns plus one play-off turn per season.
  • upto three non-Europeans allowed in a sixteen-man squad.

  • Football Elite
  • eighty-eight of the best clubs from around the world, in four divisions.
  • three cup competitions.
  • three clubs relegated and two automatic promoted plus one via the play-offs.
  • forty-two turns plus one play-off turn per season.
  • No foreigner restrictions.

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