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How to play Introduction

Our online soccer management games allow you to manage a real-life soccer club with real-life players and all the responsibilites of an actual manager (be it as the manager of Milan or the manager of Sheffield United). You are in control of:

  • buying, selling and loaning players
  • picking the team and choosing tactics for each match
  • the club finances
  • the management of first team squad and youth squad (including wages and contracts)

    Each online game has different unique setups, with each setup having one Arsenal and one Liverpool etc. You compete against other managers from across the globe, progressing through the season playing league and cup matches. At the end of the season clubs will be promoted and relegated and prizes (ie. user club credit) will be awarded to the league and cup winners. The next season will follow-on from the previous season and the setup will continue through that season in the same manner. Every season consists of a number of turns, each turn your club has a league and/or cup fixture to play. A turn is completed every ten days or so and each turn you need to pick the team and choose the tactics for your club's fixtures by filling in an online turnsheet, as well as attempting transfer deals, sending a message to the other managers and administrative tasks. For example, one turn you may have a league game against Everton (managed by someone from Australia) and a cup game versus Arsenal (managed by someone from Turkey). Each turn has a deadline date when all the manager's turnsheets are collected and the turn is processed by simulating the turn's fixtures, calculating new league tables and processing transfers. All the information you require as manager is then put onto the website for you to view online (or to download to view offline), and includes:

  • the results gazette giving all the turn's results, line-ups, league tables, top scorers charts, cup draws, transfers etc.
  • all the squads of the clubs in the setup and the larger senior international sides
  • full free agent lists and transfer lists
  • all the season statistics for the clubs in the setup
  • fixture lists for all divisions and a season timetable
  • manager/contact list
  • club related link pages and password protected manager pages giving club specific information
  • all the match reports of the matches played during the turn
  • each club's password protected turnsheet for the forthcoming turn
  • a download area so that information can be downloaded (in zip format) and viewed offline

    You can attempt to improve your team by buying and selling players or by gambling on buying young talent who have yet to prove themselves in real-life (as player ability in the online games reflects real-life player ability). You have to interact with other managers to buy/sell players. For example you may be willing to pay 5,000,000 GBP (British Pounds sterling) for Jamie Redknapp but the Liverpool manager may not want to sell, or only be prepared to sell for 8,000,000 GBP. Do you up the cash bid, offer a player in part-exchange to increase the offer or look elsewhere?

    To become the manager of a club you must first make a credit card payment online or send a cheque, postal order or cash payment to our UK offices. On receipt of a payment a user account will be set up and the payment credited to it. You can then use this user credit to become the new manager of an available club in one of the setups of an online game. You will then be manager of the club until the club credit runs out, and if you wish to continue as manager you can make another payment before this event.

    The online games area provides more game specific information and the rulebook gives in-depth details of the online games and how to play them.

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