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Website usage Hints and tips

This website has been tested with the two leading browsers Microsoft Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Navigator 4, but should work with earlier versions and other browsers if they meet the required criteria.

Browser - must support tables (HTML 3.0+) and be at least Java/JavaScript 1.1 enabled. It should be possible to view this website satisfactorily with a non-Java 1.1 browser but it will not be possible to play the online games. As the website uses tables heavily it may take a little bit longer for your processor to position the tabulated data (especially for larger pages), and a table cannot be displayed until all of its contents have been downloaded so a large table may delay website navigation somewhat.

Fonts - change the font size to suit your own viewing requirements (if a browser option is available). Use the smallest size for printing (although even then the web page may not fit onto an A4 page!). This website was tested using a medium sized font, and uses the arial and wingdings (MNŒ etc.) fonts.

Screen resolution - 1024x768 recommended, may have to scroll right in lower resolutions, 256 colours recommended.

If you are using a browser which is at least Java/JavaScript 1.1 enabled, supports tables and more importantly displays the entire website satisfactorily but is not mentioned above please inform the webmaster.

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