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How to play Becoming a club's manager

Each online game has a Club availability index. To reach one of these indexes begin at the online games area index, then select a game link, then the club availability index link. All clubs in the setup are listed alphabetically by division on the club availability page. Each available club links to the club's latest squad. Check out the squad, the club's league position, cup record and so on to see if you'd like to become the club's new manager. If you would then you can move back to the club availability page and click on the Apply to be a club manager link.

At this point you will need to enter your user name and password to gain access to the next page. If you don't have a user account then you will have to send a payment and an account will then be created for you. Once you have gained access to the next page you should choose the club you wish to manage by checking the box to the right of the club name, selecting the management period required such as full season (providing of course you have enough credit in your user account) and finally by clicking on the Become club manager link.

You will be informed of any problems such as insufficient user credit or that the club has just become unavailable (ie. another user got there just before you!) during the application procedure. If there are no problems then you will be immediately allocated the position of club manager. Depending on the next turn deadline (eg. it's very imminent) you may have to wait a day or two to gain access to your club's Manager page and thus the club's turnsheet and finance information. If the setup is inactive and is currently filling up, awaiting the big kick-off, then you will be informed via e-mail as soon as the setup is full and ready to begin, with the first turn deadline shortly after.

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