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How to play Terms and conditions

  • All clubs are subject to availability, with the availability of clubs changing on a regular basis. The more popular the club the less likelihood of it being available, and the greater the demand for it when it is available.

  • Once you have paid money into your account (club or user, by whatever means) it is not possible to have it refunded or to transfer it out of a club account, to another user account or to transfer it from your user account to another manager's club account.

  • If you send a cheque payment which is later dishonoured (ie. it bounces) the cheque value will be immediately removed from your user account along with an administration fee of 4 GBP. If payment has already been paid into a club account then the payment will be removed and if insufficient credit remains you will be removed as manager of the club and any payment due for turns already played will be removed from your user account at the cost of 1 GBP per turn.

  • The In off the Post online website uses the English language only. Thus any correspondence between ourselves and you, the user, should also be in English only. Otherwise we will be unable to respond.

  • The internet is an inherently unreliable medium, and we cannot be held responsible for any technical difficulties over the vast global network. This website is provided "as is", and no guarantee of the accuracy or relevancy of the information provided is given.

  • To play our online games you must have a permanent e-mail address and permanent internet connection. If for whatever reason you no longer have a permanent e-mail address and/or internet connection then you will be unable to play and you will be removed from your managerial position(s) when your club credit is used up.

  • When your club credit is running low you will be reminded to make a further payment if you would like to remain the manager of the club. If we do not receive a further payment you will be removed as manager when you club credit runs out.

  • When making a further payment to a club account the current division of the club at the time of making the payment is used to determine the cost. So if you have a club who may well be promoted it is wiser to make a further payment before a possible promotion rather than after, as the cost will be less.

  • You must not at any time divulge your user account name/password to anyone (not even your GM). If a third party gets hold of your user account name/password and your security is breached we cannot be held responsible for any possible damage they may cause. If you forget your user account name/password or would like to change it then use the user account name/password finder page.

  • All information presented on this website is © In off the Post. All rights are reserved. No part of this website or the information contained in it may be copied, reproduced, translated or reduced to any form without the prior written permission of the copyright owner.

  • You are unable to transfer the management of a club that you manage to anyone else, for whatever reason.

  • You are only allowed to manage one club per setup. If you are found out to be managing more than one club by illegal means then we will remove you (as manager) from the setup completely with no refund of club credit.

  • No cash prizes are awarded. The prizes given (for winning the league title or a cup competition) will be credited to your user account, for which the previous account rules also apply.

  • These terms and conditions may change at any time, and acceptance of the current terms and conditions is also taken as acceptance of any future terms and conditions. If you make a payment then it confirms your acceptance of these terms and conditions, that you understand the online games and are aware of the browser requirements.

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