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If you would like to participate in one of In off the Post's PBM/PBeM games then please fill in and send this form with no obligation to continue and no initial payment required and you should receive your starter pack within ten days. Completely new customers have their first turn free of charge and could in total have up to five FREE turns. Customers from outside the EU can only play by e-mail (PBeM) due to the increased postal delay and costs. Non-UK customers from within the EU must receive their play-by-mail (PBM) turns by airmail at extra cost. The current turn fees are:

Turn cost
Turn type 1st club 2nd club
PBM only (first class post)2.752.00
PBM only (airmail)3.302.40
PBeM only2.001.25
PBM (first class) and PBeM2.852.10
PBM (airmail) and PBeM3.402.50

English Footie setups contain 92 English league clubs divided into the four English divisions while Football Elite setups contain 88 of the world's best clubs divided into four divisions of 22 clubs each. A new setup has a greater chance of having more up-to-date squads but may not have a stable management base whereas an established setup has a settled core of experienced managers. If you heard about In off the Post (IOTP) from a friend then state their name and member code and they could be eligible for some free turns.

Application form

Post/zip code:  
Country:   (if non-UK only)
Member code:   (if you currently or have previously participated)
I heard about IOTP from:  
PBM (Play-by-mail) PBeM (Play by e-mail)
English Footie Football Elite
new setup established setup

Please allocate me one of the following clubs:
1 2
3 4
5 6
7 8
If unavailable specify a country or division:

NB: all clubs are subject to availability. E&OE.