Our soccer management games are role playing games played by post, i.e. PBM (Play-by-mail), or by e-mail, i.e. PBeM (Play by e-mail). YOU take on the role of manager of a soccer club and are responsible for the club's team selection, tactics, transfer policy and so on. The soccer season is split up into turns. Each game turn your club will have between one and five fixtures. Promotion/relegation, offsides, own goals, red cards, injuries, transfers, loans, retirements, sackings, job offers, sponsorship, gate receipts, wages, extra-time, peanalties, club prize money etc. are all part of the football soccer world and an integral part of In off the Post's realistic games.

Compete against other managers from all over the world
Our games are very similar to a PC/console soccer management simulation. However in In off the Post games your opposing clubs are managed by other individuals and you must interact with these managers to buy and sell players. For example, if you want to buy David Beckham you must contact the manager of the club he is currently playing for and offer them a deal. Maybe Beckham will not be for sale or the manager's asking price is too high? Do you have the funds available for such a signing? Can you tempt the manager into a deal by offering your talented young left-back? There are many different challenges in our soccer management games, encompassing finance, management and tactical skills, with each club and manager having different objectives. Such as the league title? Division Two survival? A good cup run? Holding onto the club's star player? Or nurturing the talented youth players?

Our in-depth player information is unrivalled
There are several companies offering soccer management games in a variety of formats however In off the Post are the only company to specifically target an adult market and we strive to be as realistic as possible in all aspects of the game.

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