PBeM (Play-by-e-mail) help
The PBeM turns are e-mailed as zipped attachments containing HTML pages. If there are no attachments with your PBeM turn then your mail reader is not MIME compatible, so you should upgrade to the latest version or switch to a MIME compatible mail reader. If you do not already have an application to unzip the attachment (WinZip is the standard PC version) then download it from a link below:

PKZIP Shareware
Risc OSSparkPlug

When you have successfully unzipped the attachment(s), copy the files into the root directory of your local hard drive. All PBeM turns will be stored in a directory named iotp. To view the HTML pages simply open the iotp directory and load the index HTML page. You'll then be able to navigate and view the PBeM turn using your browser. NB: an index page may not display at the first attempt, if not then click the refresh or reload button.

To successfully view the PBeM HTML pages your browser must support tables and be JavaScript enabled, if not then you should upgrade your browser to the latest version or switch to another browser which meets the criteria. If your browser can display tables then WinZip should be the first line in the "Product" column above. Your current browser .